I have written, designed, directed, filmed, edited, and produced over 100 videos. Almost all of them were for one of the non-profit organizations for which I was the CEO at the time. The content varied based on whether it was a live event, political testimony, speech, media interview, member promotion, or some combination thereof. I am featured prominently in many of the videos; but, not all. In the videos in which I am not on screen, I wrote the script, directed, then performed all of the behind-the-camera and behind-the-scenes functions to bring it to the screen.  

My favorite videos are found below, grouped into the following categories.
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These videos were created to inspire, produce synergy, and propel you to greatness. My hope is that one, or several, of them, do just that. 

National Award-Winning

Best-in-Nation New Executive Officer for 2012, awarded 15 Aug 13:  At the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB's) Association Leadership Institute (ALI) in Portland, OR, Christian D. Malesic, MBA, IOM was awarded the David G. Lloyd Memorial "Best New Executive Officer" award for 2012.

The "Best New Executive Officer" award recognizes the top Association Management Chief Executive Officer for the previous year, who has served at one of the 747 local or state Home Builders Associations, and who is judged to be the best in their field, having made major contributions to the profession during that time.

Political Advocacy

Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, IOM, President / CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber, testifies before the Florida House of Representatives Commerce Committee on March 30th, 2017. That day, the Commerce Committee convened for a one-item agenda. The Florida Senate had passed a Gaming Bill the prior week which allowed "referendum counties" to have Gaming in their counties. Would the Florida House do the same? Would Floridian counties, whose citizens welcomed Gaming by democratic referendum, be permitted to do so? Or, would the "Seminole Compact" prevail, allowing only the Seminole Tribe to offer Gaming for the next 20 years?
The government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is out of control. Over-taxation and over-regulation places handcuffs on the economy from which it must try to escape. Businesses are fleeing Pennsylvania in droves; or, are never coming here in the first place.

On behalf of the Home Builders Association of Berks County (HBA), Executive Officer Christian D. Malesic, MBA, IOM testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Policy Committee on August 21st, 2012 held on-site at Exeter Community Library. Though he was respectful and cordial, he was also direct, forthright, and unwavering in delivering the association members' message to the legislators on the damage done by over-burdensome regulation and taxation affecting business in the Commonwealth.
Representative Jim Cox (R) debates Challenger Erik Saar (D).

This video includes: welcome from HBA President Kevin Kozo, introduction of panelists & candidates, and opening statements from each candidate.

The PA House of Representatives 129th District covers Adamstown, Bernville, Robesonia, Sinking Spring and the following townships: Bethel, Heidelberg, Jefferson, Lower Heidelberg, Marion, North Heidelberg, and Penn.
Senator Judy Schwank (D) debates Challenger Karen Mogel (R). This video includes: welcome from HBA President Kevin Kozo, introduction of panelists & candidates, and opening statements from each candidate.

The Home Builders Association of Berks County (HBA) organized, promoted, and moderated three debates on 23 Oct 12 at the Bernardine Lecture Hall on the beautiful Berks County campus of Alvernia University.

The debates were led by panelists' questions as presented by: John Forester from the Reading Eagle, Deb Kearse from the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry, David Myers from Alvernia University, and Jeffrey Sicher from Reading-Berks Association of Realtors (R-BAR).

Business Education Speeches

The BIZNIFY series focuses on easy, concise, business topics that every leader in every industry can use to be better at business.  Christian presented Biznify talks in front of a live audience of 150-230 business leaders at the Melbourne Regional Chamber on the Space Coast, FL
It takes cash-on-hand to run a business. Cash allows bills to be paid, payroll to be met, and capital improvements to fuel expansion. Cash is King! King Cash, however, depletes quickly and must be replenished by a steady cash flow for the business to survive. Meet Queen Cash Flow. Oh, and don’t forget Prince Profit, he rounds out the royal financial metrics.
Are you Professional? Your voicemail messages, internal office notes, and email must contain a basic level of professionalism. Think yours do? Most don’t. Up your game with some quick and easy tips that put you way ahead of your competitors.
Out of all the Principles of Marketing, ‘First to Market’ may just be the prime mover. It can be more important than budget size, media chosen, social media, font size, slogans, and images. Improve & grow your business by being the first in your region to market!
As part of an on-going educational series of business topics, Executive Officer Christian D. Malesic, MBA, IOM presented "PA HICPA & Contracts in Plain English" to a live audience of HBA members. This video reviews the need for written legal documents, Standard Form Contracts, use of "trade custom" terms, and ambiguity in contractual language.
This video defines "contract" and "consideration" in terms anyone can understand. It also details the offer and acceptance steps of reaching an agreement and discusses counter-offers.
This video explains, in simple language, the following clauses: Signature Block; Complete Agreement AKA Entire Agreement; Notices; Amendments, Additions, Changes AKA Change Orders; Dispute Resolution; Time is of the Essence; Indemnify Against Loss AKA Indemnification; Legally Binding; Counterparts; Severability; Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Venue; Title and Headings; Event of Default; Terms; Scope of Work; Background; Opening.
This video compares "My Word is My Bond" vs. "Contracts are Meant to be Broken" and explains the purpose of Event of Default provisions in contracts.
This video compiles segments from the talk which defines 'The Doctrine of Reasonable Expectation' and 'The Reasonable Man Theory' as they relate to contracts.
This video compiles segments from the talk which defines 'Change Order', discusses how COs amend contracts, cost, collection, and the five key components of every change order.
This video compiles segments from the talk on negotiating contracts, how to negotiate, and the terms most likely to be negotiated.
This video compiles segments from the talk on why contractors should require a deposit and how much. Of note is that PA's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) of 2008 limits deposits to 1/3 for jobs in excess of $5,000; but, the law does not speak to jobs under that amount.
The Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) of 2008. Discussed herein are: registration, compliance, contractual changes, advertising, policing, complaints, administration, and accepting deposits.

PA Attorney General: Home Improvement

Promotion of a Special Event

The Melbourne Regional Chamber celebrated police, fire, rescue, sheriff’s deputies, and military with their annual #ValorAwards. Particularly moving was the Fallen Comrade Table (aka Missing Man Table), similar to a POW MIA Table. The business community in the Melbourne Region defends the thin blue line. We love our public safety and military!
The Candidate Announcement (Thursday, June 11th 2015): The Restoring Hope 2015 Build extreme home makeover project will go to Jeremy & Meggan Landis and their two children, Gabe & Bella, of Wernersville, PA.

The 2015 Build will take place from September 13th through 18th with the Big Reveal on September 19th at the Landis’s home in Wernersville, PA at Noon. All are invited to participate, whether members or non-members of the association, through donations of funds, goods, services, or time. Contact the HBA office at (610) 777-8889 or to find out where you can fit in.
The Berks County Parade of Homes 2014 was new and exciting as for the first time ever in our history, the Parade features REMODELED HOME ENTRIES along with NEW HOME ENTRIES. Our exquisite new home builders and our extraordinary remodelers both rose to the occasion with some really spectacular ideas. The 2014 Parade of Homes was held on Friday-Saturday-Sunday (May 30th -- June 1st) and on Friday-Saturday-Sunday (June 6th -- 8th) with Friday hours from 3 pm to 7 pm and Saturday & Sunday hours from 12 Noon to 6 pm.
Your personal, private tour of the of the Welgo home (2014 Build) of HBA Restoring Hope brought to you by the Home Builders Association of Berks County in Pennsylvania, USA. 

For the 2014 Build, the Board of Directors chose Dennis & Lisa Welgo, of Mohrsville in Upper Bern Township. 
Lisa has Cerebral Palsy, which she developed as a result of having pneumonia. As she ages, she is experiencing more difficulty navigating. Both parents work full time. Lisa works for the Hamburg School District and her husband, Dennis, works for Microtel. They have four children. Jessica is a lovely 27 year old who has Downs Syndrome and loves to read. Alissa, 20-year-old student at Alvernia University, works three part-time jobs and provides support for the entire family. Hank was adopted by Dennis & Lisa when he was fifteen months old.
The Candidate Announcement (Wednesday, June 11th 2014): The Restoring Hope 2014 Build extreme home makeover project will go to Dennis & Lisa Welgo and their four children, Jessica, Alissa, Hank, and Hailey, of Hamburg.

The HBA of Berks County has always represented the best builders, remodelers, trade contractors, and associated professionals in the construction industry. This is our way of thanking and giving back to a community that provides us our livelihoods. The HBA Restoring Hope Foundation (RHF) is neighbors helping neighbors so a community can rebuild itself. It is not a 'hand out' but a 'hand up' for one family in the county each year. 
Watch the family react as they see their "new" home for the first time. The Big Reveal (Saturday, September 14th, 2013) of the HBA Restoring Hope 2013 Build to Lisa Pieller and her children, Ashley & Eric, organized by the Home Builders Association of Berks County in Pennsylvania, USA.

For the 2013 Build, Lisa Pieller and her two children, Womelsdorf, were chosen for a home makeover. The project took place from Monday, September 9th thru Saturday, September 14th, 2013.
Your personal, private tour of the of the Pieller home (2013 Build) of HBA Restoring Hope brought to you by the Home Builders Association of Berks County in Pennsylvania, USA.

For the 2013 Build, Lisa Pieller and her two children, Womelsdorf, were chosen for a home makeover. The project took place from Monday, September 9th thru Saturday, September 14th, 2013.


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Featuring Organization Members

Can anyone Lead? What is Leadership? What characteristics make up a leader? Experts lay it all out, provide answers, and explore the nuances: 
  • Astronaut & Senior Advisor to FIT President, Winston E. Scott
  • Senior Vice President at Raymond James & Associates, Brent Peoples
  • Head Honcho of Rock Paper Simple, Joshua Adams
The Job Amp series is designed to “Amplify Your Job & Improve Your Career”. The Melbourne Regional Chamber’s thought-leaders, executives, and experienced managers provide YOU with EXPERT ADVICE on everything you ever want to know about getting the perfect job, advancing at work, and your career.