Leadership is...

Not only talking the talk but walking the talk. Ethics is paramount. The culture of the organization permeates from the leader.

Decisive change fueled with the spirit of continuous improvement.

Truly listening to the team. Allowing them to achieve greatness.

Celebrating victories and quickly learning from failures.

Keeping an eye on the bottom line without losing sight of top mission priorities.

A leader SERVES… protecting the team.  *  A leader GIVES… pleasing the customer.  *  A leader INNOVATES… improving the community through vision and positive disruption.


Being the best leader, or best organization for that matter, is not enough. We have to want to make a difference. It is transformational. 

Financial Management.

The budget drives all else. It is rare to be heralded for strong financial acumen; but, devastating to the mission, morale, and future of the organization if lacking.


A leader inspires the team, provides vision, and mentorship then gets out of the way to to watch the previous impossible become reality.