About Christian

Ethics are of the Utmost Importance.  The community, generally, and the CEO & employees, specifically, must first and foremost command the highest levels of honesty & integrity. Culture permeates from the Executive Office. We must have INTEGRITY to walk the talk; but, must first have HONESTY to talk the talk. It must be The Culture. No exceptions. I will always take the high road even if it takes us longer to get there.

Passion is Paramount.  Down to the individual, excitement, drive, and enthusiasm must be embodied by staff and volunteers. It is transformational. My passion will be contagious. I will deliver renewed vigor and purpose.

Fiduciary Craftsmanship.  The budget drives all else. If we take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. I bring with me an outstanding track-record of balanced budgeting and financial management. With a strong accounting and finance background, financial statements are the daily tools of my trade I use to mold the vision of tomorrow.

A Little About Me...

Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, CMP, IOM

Non Profit Executive & CEO

Writer |  Speaker  |  Spokesman  |  Non-Profit Consultant  |  Strategic Planner  | Facilitator


Books, Books, and More Books...

Master of Business Administration
     Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
     with Marketing Concentration
          Elizabethtown College
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
     with Computer Architecture Concentration
          Lehigh University
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
     with State & Federal Government Concentration
          Lehigh University
I have always been partial to business books, business-based biographies, and recent political non-fiction. Occasionally, I'll dive back in political philosophy; or, even straight-up philosophy from the great minds of the past. I enjoy history, as long as it is focused on the political or business decisions made. Or, the players that made them.

My favorite books are the classics in the realm of non-fiction novels. Though there are many fantastic novelist and thriller writers today, I prefer Sherlock Holmes, anything by Mark Twain, Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, Do Androids Dream of Electric SheepThe Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Atlas ShruggedAlice's Adventures in Wonderland, Bram Stoker's Dracula, or any of the other great works that have stood the test of time. Having said that, I read these types of books the least. I guess I feel like I am cheating my education when I dig into one. So, I force myself. About every five or six books, no matter how numerous the 'educational' tomes on the list or how high the stack of 'to read', I break from it all and settle in with a great classic that takes me away to far-away imaginary lands.    


News of the Day...

I am an avid learner. When I am not watching a documentary on anything from Block Chain to Titans of Industry to Corporate Success Stories, I am reading. Although I get most of my news electronically, perusing four different aggregator websites daily, I have carefully honed my Twitter lists to deliver stimulating news & thought. But, when I am not on a device, I prefer hard copy.

I subscribe to over a dozen magazines and periodicals, most of which arrive in my mailbox monthly. I usually tear through four very different and unrelated magazines the day they arrive:  
  • Chief Executive - A great publication that stays on top of growth, innovation, talent, & technology in the corporate sector. It does an excellent job of keeping its finger on the pulse of CEO and executive innovation worldwide, with a strong bent toward American thinking.
  • Associations Now (by ASAE) - The cutting edge of non profit and organizational management + trends, ideas, and what my contemporaries are doing across the world.
  • Source (by FSAE) - It's hard to believe this comes out of a state association. The FL Society of Association Executives competes well with ASAE on non profit tips, tricks, and business life hacks.
  • Game Informer - Dare I reveal it here? I shall.  "Hi. I'm Christian and... I am a gamer." Since I can no longer run, jump, skip, or dance, due to my ambulatory disability, games are a nice interlude now and then. I play mostly PS4 and online App-based games (if, I can spare a moment for myself).

I practice what I preach; so, I am a member of numerous member-based organizations, each with its own monthly magazine. I must admit, I get behind on these from time to time. But, I save them in a pile on my desk. As the pile builds in height, I bite the bullet and take out a half-dozen or so when a night of relaxation fits into the schedule.

I have enjoyed Imprimis for almost three decades. The monthly pamphlet features the transcript of a speech of a prominent thinker, government official, professor, or writer each month.

And, of course, I love keeping up-to-date with my alma maters: