Customized Services Specific to Your Particular Needs

Each service rendered is adapted to you and your organization. Thus, no two services I perform are ever exactly the same. I do not offer out-of-the-box cookie-cutter solutions, as do many in the industry. On the contrary, I bring my formidable experience and education directly to you to make your life easier and your organization streamlined, cutting-edge, and profitable.

"Consultants", as we often call ourselves, are often priced exorbitantly. My services are not. I am not the least expensive, as anyone who needs to make a buck could call themselves a consultant and undercut prices. I am also not as highly priced as some of the firms and players who do this to make a name for themselves, rather than to help you, solve your problems, and make your life easier.

Complete the Contact form. After which, we can talk by phone or in person. Then, I will provide you a custom quotation so you know exactly what your investment in improvement will be.


I have experience in front of extremely large crowds and quaint gatherings. Whether you seek a Keynote speaker, panelist, moderator, MC, or crowd-warmer, I provide business & people focused topics with humor & interest. 


I specialize in facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions and Board Retreats. My goals are to aid your leadership team in solving your organization's problems, advancing your mission, and recognizing the greatness within.


From day-long seminars to 30 minute quick-learns, I have been training for over two decades. Topics include: Board orientations, business, finance, diversification, project management, managerial training, personnel, soft-skills, HR, contracts, marketing, advertising, networking, social media, and many, many more.


Whether you need assistance finding the financial hole draining your funds or renewing a tired & old marketing image, or re-writing your Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures, I can help you turn it all around without losing that special something that makes your organization unique.

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