The Tools We Love: Chris Malesic, president and CEO of CM Squared


by Staff

If you could keep only five of the many tools you use in your business, which ones would you choose?

July 31, 2001

Christian Malesic, president and CEO of CM Squared, Harrisburg, Pa., took very little time to pick the ones he’d least like to do without in his electrical design and installation business:
  • Nextel phone. Malesic especially appreciates the two-way calling feature. "It would be very difficult to do business without it these days."

  • Day-Timer. Malesic keeps a paper calendar book with him everywhere he goes. He uses it to keep track of company business and all appointments.
  • Circuit tester. The user plugs one piece into an outlet and the other into the electrical panel. "You can figure out exactly what circuit to turn off. A lot of remodelers can use that."

  • Wing Enterprises ladder. "We call it ‘the cool ladder’ very affectionately. You can use it as an extension ladder or an A-frame. It has a leg-leveling feature, so you can use it on a hill or on steps."

  • Nail eater bit. Malesic appreciates the bit’s ability to drill through nails and screws that might be hidden in a wall.