Students contribute to Home Builders Association publication

Penn State News

by Staff

December 4, 2012 - Two students majoring in Professional Writing at Penn State Berks, juniors Stephen Doyle and Erica Caceres, are serving as freelance writers for the Home Builders Association of Berks County magazine titled At Home in Berks. Doyle and Caceres published a joint article in the second issue of the magazine, which will be released in this month.

“Erica and I had submitted an article on social media titled, 'Betweet YouTube and Me Does Facebook Pinterest You Into Getting LinkedIn.' It will be featured in the December issue, the second edition of the new magazine,” explained Doyle. “Consequently, Erica and I were given the opportunity to write our own articles, which will likely be featured in the February issue.” 
Doyle and Caceres are completing internships at the magazine as part of the Professional Writing degree program at Penn State Berks. According to Professional Writing program coordinator Christian Weisser, they are likely to also do some editorial work as development continues on this publication.

“The Professional Writing program at Penn State Berks has opened many doors including freelance writing for At Home in Berks," commented Caceres. “I look forward to see what other doors will open working with Christian Malesic on this great publication. Being published and having my words read by others has always been one of my many goals. Attending Penn State Berks has given me that opportunity, and I will always be thankful.”

Doyle adds, “The Professional Writing program at Penn State Berks has afforded us the opportunity to further develop our writing skills outside of the classroom while establishing professional contacts that may lead to future employment and continue to extend Penn State's commitment to the community at large.”

According to Christian D. Malesic, editor-in-chief of At Home in Berks and executive officer of the Home Builders Association of Berks County, the primary goal of the publication is to create a publicly consumable magazine. Articles cover a wide range of topics from how to hire a contractor, to better use of household products, to tips for decorating, painting and lawn care.

Those interested in writing for this publication, including current Penn State Berks students, are encouraged to contact Malesic at 610-777-8889.