Events Industry Council Welcomes New Certified Meeting Professionals

by EIC Staff

Washington, DC, USA – The Events Industry Council’s (EIC) Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) programme [sic] is recognized around the world as a badge of excellence in the events industry. Today, EIC announced 119 professionals earned their CMP or CMP-Healthcare designation in November 2020. View the full list [below].

The programme [sic] was launched by EIC in 1985. EIC initiated the CMP-HC subspecialty in 2014. Both provide continuing education, increase professionalism, and enhance career opportunities in all sectors of the industry by:
  • Identifying a comprehensive body of knowledge in the meeting management profession.
  • Promoting industry standards, practices, and ethics.
  • Stimulating the advancement of the art and science of meeting management.
  • Increasing the value of CMPs to their employers.
  • Maximizing the value received from the products and services provided by CMPs.

EIC expanded testing options in 2020, including year-round testing and remote proctoring, as part of ongoing efforts to support industry professionals seeking to earn this designation.

More than 11,000 meeting professionals from 40 nations hold the CMP or CMP-HC designation. Learn more at 

About the Events Industry Council
The Events Industry Council’s more than 30 member organizations represent over 103,500 individuals and 19,500 firms and properties involved in the events industry. The Events Industry Council’s vision is to be the global champion for event professionals and event industry excellence. It promotes high standards and professionalism in the events industry with the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) programme [sic] and signature programme [sic] activities. The CMP credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam. The four signature programmes [sic] – Sustainability and Social Impact, Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX), Knowledge, and Leadership – represent the key initiatives, assets, services and products for the Events Industry Council. Learn more online at
New CMPs  |  November 2020
Joan McLaughlin Aiken, CMP
Bryan Alpert, CMP
Jacquelyn Anderson, CMP
Rachel Anthony, CMP
Melisa Arpa, CMP
Janette Blahova, CMP
Janine Bonanno, CMP
Collin Booth, CMP
Erika Borgerson, CMP
Racquel Bruno, CMP
Megan Buttars, CMP
Michelle Campos, CMP
Alesandra Casalino, CMP
Rachel Celizic, CMP
Nien-Hsuan Chen, CMP
Kristan Coblentz, CMP
April Cormier, CMP
Aisha Cotton, CMP
Leslie Crabbs, CMP
Emma Crutchfield, CMP
Melissa Culp, CMP-HC
Gabrielle Datnoff, CMP
Tracey Dipierro, CMP
Desiree Dolecki, CMP
Brent Dornbos, CMP
Suzanne Draper, CMP
Coty Engler, CMP
Kelle Esherick, CMP
Natalie Evertson, CMP
Susan Filz, CMP
Caroline Firman, CMP
Robyn Franko, CMP
Kimberly Gagnon, CMP
Kelli Gibson, CMP
Daniele Gomes, CMP
Mala Gopala, CMP
Sara Gotovich, CMP
Ashley Greis, CMP
Taylor Hammond, CMP
Jessica Hanson, CMP
Ginger Hart, CMP
Julie Hatter, CMP
Tara Henderson, CMP
Rebecca Hochhaus, CMP
Christie Holland, CMP
Michelle Holm, CMP
Holly Irons, CMP
Alyson Jack, CMP
Amberly Seibert Jackson, CMP
Arielle Jordan, CMP
Jennifer Kelly, CMP
Melissa Kienzlen, CMP
Riley King, CMP
Hollie Klem, CMP
Yekaterina Klemas, CMP
Megan Koutsoubos, CMP
Pamela Lashbrook, CMP
Marissa Lee, CMP
Olivia Lofstedt, CMP

Christian D. Malesic, CMP

Carly Marsh, CMP
Kimberly Martin, CMP
Racheal McDonald, CMP
Mary McKay, CMP
Taylor McKenzie, CMP
Melissa Miner, CMP
Tracy Mitchell, CMP
Victoria Montagna, CMP
Rachel Moore, CMP
Hiromi Murayama, CMP
Sonali Nair, CMP
Robert Nesbitt, CMP
Kenes Group
Melissa Novak, CMP
Montserrat Nunez Badilla, CMP
Erin O'Brien, CMP
Erika O'Brien, CMP
Lawanda Page, CMP
Wendy Palermo, CMP
Eric Pasternack, CMP
Emily Pflipsen, CMP
Caroline Plattes, CMP
Sarah Porter, CMP
Christa Pulling, CMP
Tish Qian, CMP
Lay Suan Quah, CMP
Victoria Radford, CMP
Juan Ramos, CMP
Michelle Raymond, CMP
Laura Reali, CMP
Loraine Robinson, CMP
Meike Ross, CMP
Alison Saladin, CMP
Melissa Sarmiento, CMP
Sonjia Simpson-Gardner, CMP
Christina Sledge, CMP
Kimberley Smith, CMP
Shawndell St John, CMP
Shamera Stewart, CMP
Rebecca Svientek, CMP
Claire Swallen, CMP
Theresa Swinson, CMP
Chiara Tacca, CMP
Jody-Ann Tam, CMP
Delphine Tanner, CMP-HC
Erica Teddone, CMP
Kelly Teneyuque, CMP
Christine Tharaldson, CMP
Jennifer Thompson, CMP
William Thompson, CMP
Bobbie Tourville, CMP
Cynthia Tremblay-Lorrain, CMP
Renee Underwood, CMP
Samantha Walker, CMP
Amber Waters, CMP
Sara Wiley, CMP
Sterling Williams, CMP
Mia Williams, CMP
Kayla Worthy, CMP
Janice Wright, CMP