Bay Area Businesses Gear Up for Move into Red Tier


by Kris Reyes

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- On Santana Row, no shortage of foot traffic. Restaurants like Ozumo Sushi Bar and LB Steak have been running a thriving outdoor space for months now.

But, adding the extra seats indoors when the county goes into the red tier will be a welcome bonus.
"It's definitely a step in the right direction, we have been very fortunate to be able to navigate the difficulties," said Brian Nguyen with Ozumo.

"Santana did a great job with giving us space but having the guests back in the building is definitely going to create that better ambiance and that atmosphere that we provided here at LB steak," said Mark Mills.

While the re-opening will be a bonus for some businesses, the reality is that for others the re-opening will be a case of too little, too late. Other businesses simply didn’t make it.

"The ones that were just getting going or that weren't running as strong of a business, they didn't make it, they're gone. And, we may never see them back." said Christian D. Malesic, President and CEO at the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce.”

"Businesses need this. And, just a couple of weeks before spring, two weeks before spring, when everybody's getting ready to go back outdoors. This is perfect timing."

This restaurant has had to keep open until midnight just to keep their business going. They’ve been prepping all week to welcome guests indoors.
“We decided to open indoors,” said Richard Ho of Pho 21 “because some customers have been complaining about the weather.”
Whether it’s at a struggling plaza, like this one, or a busy Santana Row the one thing all businesses seem to be hoping for, that the county keeps improving past the red tier.

“Our businesses are all in.  They want to keep the customers safe. They want this to proceed to the next level so we can open up even more,” Malesic confirmed.

Businesses, no doubt, prepping all night for reopening. Santa Clara County officially goes into the red tier after midnight.