Building Better Communities

At Home in Berks

by Staff

The Home Builders Association of Berks County (HBA) and the Hoffmann Publishing Group celebrate their community building efforts through At Home in Berks, the 2012 NAHB "Best-in-Nation" member publication.

Berks County is a neighborly, giving community, we play hard, but most of all... we work hard. The expert craftsman, contractors, and business leaders of the Home Builders Association of Berks County (HBA) wanted a unique forum, written by local experts in their field, to share their knowledge with the business owners and homeowners of Berks. From this vision grew At Home in Berks magazine

Association newsletters and magazines are traditionally published about the association and its members. We reinvented the concept with At Home in Berks by expanding our target audience beyond HBA members, to include Berks community business owners and home owners. This innovative approach quickly drew the attention of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) federation, because after just four issues, At Home in Berks achieved the 2012 NAHB "Best-in-Nation" member publication award.

This accomplishment is the result of the Berks County HBA's vision and desire to raise the level of professionalism and service for home and business owners in Berks County.